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I am a long time collector and am passionate about  Antique & Vintage Jewelry.


You can find me also on eBay, both buying and selling.


I will be updating my Grandpa's Antique Depot offerings frequently so check back often.


Watch for pictures of my specials in Our Gallery as well as here in my Profile Gallery.


I will be bloging about Vintage Jewelry also so please check it out. You can contact me thru Grandpa's as well as view my website!




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Identifying Unsigned Miriam Haskell

Created On: 12/06/2011 03:31:54
Edited By Nan On: 12/06/2011 04:44:14
Identifying Unsigned Pieces of vintage Miriam Haskell Jewelry can be VERY difficult, even for the experienced, collector & when buying on-line and not being able to handle the individual pieces makes it even harder. MOST sellers aren't aiming to fool and may just be missinformed, so it's up to the buyer to be aware of a few simple points to help them make the right choices.

To see a quick guide to Identifying Haskell, click on the link below!

And good hunting!
Mirium Haskell