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This is a New Feature Exclusive to Grandpa's Antique Depot!

In the next few weeks our Dealers will be setting up their own Profile pages with information about themselves, Their Booths or Cases. Complete with Photos of their special items, Sales announcements, Blogs about coming attractions, their special fields and MORE!

Also the Dealers will be publishing articles about Antiques & Collectibles that will be interesting and informative and that can be shared on your own Facebook or Twitter pages with a click of the mouse!

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Name: Nan O.
Specialty: Antique & Vintage Jewelry
Nan O. (Nan)
Name: Lee & Son
Specialty: Rustic collectables & Western decor.
Western ranch decor items & collectables.
Western art/oil paintings. (wall plaques/wall art).
Horse related collectables. Old stirrups & mouth-bits.
Vintage horse tack, draft horse collars.
Equestrian decor & display items.
Vintage horse-shoes, rusty ranch stuff.
Farm & dairy collectables (milk bottles).
Cows figurines: vintage cast plastic & ceramic cows.
Vintage plush sheep (i.e., with real fleece accents).
Cast iron ranch/farm items with rust/rustic appeal.
Vintage sleigh bells & leather strap.
Southwest & Native American decor/replica items.
Horse racing collectables:
Santa Anita commemorative mugs / steins.
Brass figures (bookshelf decor) horse/steer/bull/pony...
Lee & Son (Lee_and_Son)
#20 (Across from main entrance.)
Specialty: Coffee grinders, butter churns, unique, one-of-a-kind items and Harley Davidson collectibles and memorabilia
Lou and Cherie (mouse)
Specialty: -
danny cupp (okiedano1)
Specialty: Vintage Copper, Golden Books, Pyrex, Corning Ware, Precious Moments, Boyds Bears, Collectable cups,and glass, glass and more glass. Come by its free to look!
TDK Antiques and Collectables (taunichung)
Specialty: -
Carolanns Vintage Goods (CMarchewka)
Specialty: collectibles such as records, glass, animal figurines, tractor manuals and variety of knick knacks
Annette Jennings (ajennings3)
Specialty: Dolls and accessories. Dollhouse furniture and minatures
Beverly D. (dolllady)
36 &51
Specialty: Antique/vintage furniture & collectibles. Native American handiwork. Books,belt buckles and other great items.
JUDY & JOHN. (judywho9815)
Specialty: everything
MA'S PICKS (mawsells2)
4 & 17
Specialty: native arts
Wilhelmina van Stigt Thans (dancing cloud)
Name: Deanna
Specialty: Art, small furniture pieces, vintage decorator & apparel, hard-to-find cookbooks, collector & history books
Deanna (dbaldwin)
Name: Beverly
Beverly (dolllady2)
51 &36
Specialty: 50's and 60's
Christie Hoops (ccscollectibles)
9 and 16
Name: Robert D
Specialty: Native American & Southwest Jewelry, Pottery and related items
Robert D (cptrvr)
Specialty: Autograph Celebrity Photos/ Bowie Knives
Jerry Ford (Pop Ford)

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